Lighting Control

Rako Lighting Control   Rako is leading the way in providing state of the art digital dimming technology, providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications with lighting systems that are simple to use, creative, easily installed and cost effective.
Lighting Control can transform an environment at the touch of a button, doing away with the row of dimmers where nobody knows which light they control.   From a simple keypad, any number of circuits or light fittings can be altered to create scenes tailored to your wishes, whether it be a bright and lively party scene to a carefully lit romantic scene with just a few table lamps.   Controlling light is more than just dimming a light fitting, it is about the balance of light and dark within a room. Managing light also means controlling the sunlight entering a room, blind and shade control can be adjusted either manually or automatically to cater for different light levels so an area is always kept at an ideal level   We work with all major manufacturers including Rako, Lutron, Philips Hue and Helvar.   Read more about Rako here.   Contact us today: 07788 498252 or 07570 122896   email: